Best Winning odds at Winter Youth Olympics

The 2016 Winter Youth Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway The 2016 Winter Youth Olympics, officially known as the II Winter Youth Olympic Games, are scheduled to take place in and around Lillehammer, Norway, between 12 February and 21 February 2016. This will be the fourth Youth Olympic Games and only the second winter edition. Lillehammer, Norway, was awarded the games on […]

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All Information You Need To Know About Eurofootball Bookmaker

Situated in Bulgaria, Eurofootball is the first and largest bookmaker in the country. Eurofootball was first introduced on the 6th of October 1990, being officially registered in 1993. The bookmaker received its licence on the 20th of October 1993, and has been in business ever since. The next day, on the 21st, the country conducted its very first draw, with […]

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Everything About the Popular New York Marathon

The New York Marathon is the largest long distance marathon in the world, seeing over 50,000 finishers in the year 2013. It is widely regarded as the premier event for professional long distance runners to gather and prove their worth, with contestants from all corners of the globe travelling to the United States with the specific intention of participating in […]

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